If not found here on this page, credits may also be found throughout the Nursing Power website. Please contact me if you note a discrepancy in my credits.

50 Things a Nurse Should Know
Received on a handout during my Hospice rotation during nursing school at WSU (undergraduate). I believe it was Southeast Michigan Hospice located on the corner of Warren and Merriman in Westland, MI. Original author unknown to me. I added number 51: BE HONEST.

20 Things I've Learned as a Nurse
Sally P. Karioth, RN, Ph. D, Associate Professor of Nursing, Florida State University School of Nursing

Oakwood Healthcare System Nurses Week 1998 compilation of stories written by OHS employees entitled "Nursing: Healthcare with a Human Touch"

Poems from various resources. Poets/authors are referenced on the page.

"A Nurse Is More" is Copyright © 1999 Richard G. Shuster. Written to honor all nurses, dedicated to Jeannine E. Shuster, R.N.

Origin of Nursing
Donahue, M. Patricia, PhD, RN, FAAN, Nursing The Finest Art - An Illustrated History, 2nd Edition, 1996, Mosby - Yearbook.

My own procurement of helpful links during graduate school at WSU 2001-2003. Many of the links were recommended in course syllabi or by professor/instructor. Updated every 2-3 months.

State Boards
Complimentary listing from National Council of State Boards of Nursing

State Nursing Associations
Found using NursingWorld and Google

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