Nurses Are Doctors Too (by Dr Donna Alden-Bugden)


I’m raising money to put forth a constitutional challenge in Canada to allow nurses to use the title Dr or Doctor if they have earned a doctorate. They should be able to use it the same way as dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and optometrists….i.e.,state Dr. Jones, Naturopath. I also question how ‘medical’ professions that practice questionable medicine that have no scientific basis like naturopaths can call themselves Dr but Nurse Practitioners who practice evidence based western medicine cannot use the title.

The title Doctor should not be protected by only these groups of people. Those who get their doctorate at a university have more of a right to use the title as Doctor is originally one who achieved a doctorate at a university. Physicians, in fact, have a bachelors degree but claim the title as their own and legislate that nurses with doctorates can’t use it. How is it that you can earn a doctorate and physicians legislate it away.

Hoping this will have far reaching changes across Canada and the United States

I have hired a Human Rights Lawyer named Garth Smorang in Winnipeg who has been helping nurses on all fronts. He is excellent and experienced. I think this is a first step for nurses/nurse practitioners being on equal grounds with physicians and not feeling like we are second class care. If we have a doctorate, we are Doctors (not physicians, but yes Doctors)

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Dr. Donna L. Alden-Bugden, RN, NP, DNP, NP-C, FNP-BC
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Family Nurse Practitioner



  1. I think its the right move because people in other professions including Vet use the prefix. Why shouldn’t nurses use it? Its an independent profession just like medicine.

  2. Of course anyone with a doctorate, or with a medical degree is able to use the title doctor.

    Obtaining the title is just a matter of sitting the relevant degree.

    There is no mystery to it.

    Surely someone makes an active choice to sit a degree in nursing, would feel professional pride in the title “nurse”.

    Being a nurse is also highly respected and honoriuvle professional role

    What is important here?

    Should the focus being on service, compassion, and unselfishness….
    Which ironically are viewed as the essence of nursing as a profession…and in part the reason nurses are held in high esteem

    Or should the focus be on personal ego, and which prefix you use before your name,

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