Professional Portfolio

This article by Billings (2008) presented some tips for creating a professional portfolio to novice nurse educators. It was recommended that nurse educators begin their portfolios as soon as they begin their first teaching position. A portfolio was defined as an accumulation summary of work and education experience, scholarly work, evidence of accomplishments.

It was suggested that one begin a portfolio by creating folders for research/scholarship, teaching, and service. At the end of each semester the folders should be updated with new material, and the curriculum vitae (CV) should also be updated. A summary of accomplishments should be included with a teaching philosophy statement. It was also recommended that the portfolio have a table of contents, numbered pages, and dividers for organization and ease of use. It should appear professional and can be made in hard copy, digital copy, or both.

This is a method for preventing loss of key information, and a way to have it available when needed. This can be a means of personal reflection on your career path and goal achievements. A list of suggested items to be included in a portfolio is included in the article.

I would definitely share this article with a colleague. I think it an excellent suggestion of how to remain organized throughout the career in both education and nursing.


Billings, D. (2008). Teaching tips. Developing your career as a nurse educator: the professional portfolio. Journal Of Continuing Education In Nursing, 39(12), 532-533. doi:10.3928/00220124-20081201-09

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